Westminster Abbey

המנזר וסטמינסטר ההיסטורי הממוקם על נהר התמזה הוא אחד מאתרי התיירות המפורסמות ביותר בלונדון. הידוע ביותר לאתר של טקסי הכתרה של מלכים ומלכותיהם היא משמשת גם כאתר זיכרון וקבורתם של מדינאים, מחברים, האריסטוקרטים, משוררים, כוהנים, מדענים, כל החלק מההיסטוריה המרתקת של בריטניה. You can visit the many corners dedicated to poets and scientists and royals including Rudyard Kipling, the author of the Jungle Book, Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer famous poets, or naturalist Charles Darwin.
Westminster Abbey was commissioned in 1042 under King Edward the Confessor as royal burial Church for himself; construction took several decades to complete and was consecrated in December 1065, a mere week prior to King Edward’s death in January 1066.

The Westminster Abbey that we see today is not the original church. The church was reconstructed in 1245, under the leadership of King Henry the third. King Henry incorporated the Anglo-French Gothic style in the design of the church as you see today, built as a shrine in honor of King Edward the Confessor, and eventually, a regal burial space for Henry himself. Architect Henry Yevele mostly completed the intricate and lofty design of the abbey, during the reign of Richard II. ב 1503, Henry VII added a chapel also known as the Henry VII Chapel to the church and devoted it to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Westminster Abbey still acts as a place of worship on Sundays, and attendance if free.

Official website: http://www.westminster-abbey.org

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