St Pauls Cathedral

St. Catedral de Pablo uno de los monumentos más reconocidos a lo largo del horizonte de Londres con la cúpula prominente y torres que alcanzan un asombroso 350 pies. Situado en la cima de la colina de Ludgate, St Paul’s was constructed in 604 AD y más tarde destruido en el gran incendio de Londres en el siglo 17. Luego fue resucitado de nuevo, in the English Baroque Style seen today by Sir Christopher Wren the most acclaimed architect in English history dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle of whom the cathedral is named after.

An array of royal ceremonies has taken place inside the cathedral since its construction. Today, St. Paul’s Cathedral embodies the heritage and spirituality of the people in Britain and still acts as a place of worship. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of London

St Paul’s Cathedral offers a wide variety of things to see and do. The Oculus a 270° film experience that will immerse you in 1400 years of history, a historical crypt, and several art galleries, guided tours, touch screen multi media guides where you can get up close to the mosaics or simply climb the dome and enjoy the incredible view of the city. Make sure to visit the Whispering Gallery where you can whisper and have it heard on the other side of the gallery.

In addition to what is above ground, there are also things to see below ground. The crypts beneath the church are open to the public and can be an amazing experience into the history of England. Visit the tomb of Sir Christopher Wren himself or Lord Nelson one of Britain’s most heroic military figures. When you purchase tickets to view the cathedral everything is inclusive from the galleries to the guided tours, the Oculus all the way down to the crypts.

Did you know?

  • The cathedral has been burnt down three times in history
  • An open-air pulpit was constructed in the Tudor period
  • The spire has been struck by lighting
  • The nave was used as cavalry barracks during the English Civil War
  • The Late Lady Di and Prince Charles were married here
  • The Cathedral was nearly destroyed by an incendiary bomb in the second world war

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Opening times:

De lunes a sábado 8:30am-4pm

Sun galleries closed but open for worship

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