Foundation Bar

Foundation styles itself as a delightfully fun East End eccentric, tucked away amidst Covent Gardens boutiques and blank-eyed tourists. Tiptoe down the suspended chain staircase and youll find this bar, club and restaurant does borrow a little Shoreditch swagger. And makes it its own.

The decor is the star, mashing up pop culture references from graffiti Lego and the Mad Hatters tea party to Banksy and Bladerunner. Vintage album cover menu: check, barbers chair: check. Traditional menu but with a twist: check. Creatively named cocktails: chee-eck. We tottered round the entire venue just to make sure wed seen everything.

We recommend getting down there early on one of their many DJ nights to join a mischievous mix of Shoreditch evacuees, buttoned-down professionals and carefree uncategorisables to kick your session just west of leftfield.

Nearest Tube: Ковент-Гарден

Контакт: 020 7836 5005

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